7 Best Tips For Preventing Nasty And Deadly Camping Mosquito Bites

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7 Best Tips For Preventing Nasty And Deadly Camping Mosquito Bites


While camping can undoubtedly be a lot of fun and a great way to keep you enjoy the outdoors and realign with nature, there is no getting away from the fact that it also involves some unpleasant  experiences especially camping mosquito bites.

 So this is article is help give you some tips and hacks as well as prepare you give you an idea of what items you will need for camping trip to make your camping easy, enjoyable without having to worry about bug bites.

So make sure to follow the camping mosquito prevention tips and guides we are going to discuss to protect yourself from their nasty and deadly bites otherwise, your camping experience may be ruined. Most people don’t focus on this thing until the found surrounded by them. And guess what this is too late to consider now. So, it is better to know about them properly to prevent them.

What are mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are deadly insects that can spread diseases and cause infections are known to taunt campers and backpackers. This tiny creature is hated by almost everyone due to their stinging and blood-sucking nature.

They bite you and sucks your blood like a pump. Researches have shown that the mosquitoes act as a vector, method through microbes and insects spread deadly diseases. Here is an important thing to consider that if you are going camping you need to beware of these camping mosquitoes.

When do mosquitoes bite?

Research has shown that mosquitoes mostly come out during night time. They are afraid to come out at sunlight because this causes them to decrease their capacity. This is due to the process name dehydration, a low amount of water in the body. They get dehydrated during sunlight therefore, they cannot come out in the day to the bit.

This however, does NOT mean you are going to get away from mosquito stings during the day. Some places and areas have mosquitoes day and night – especially in tropical areas and also ask anyone who has been to the Alaska summers.

Do campfires keep mosquitoes away?

This is something that you may have heard since childhood with people talking about how fire helps to keep bugs like mosquitoes and flies away. So what’s the truth behind all these tales?

 Well, when you light a camp fire it will obviously release smoke which contains  carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases. But the interesting fact is that mosquitoes have carbon dioxide sensors. These sensors help you to attract them and kill them as well. So yes camping fire smoke can help you keep some mosquitoes and bugs at bay but they will not be the end all be all to save you from their nasty bites.

So what can you use to help you keep mosquitoes away?

Will camping bug-zappers work against mosquito bites?

Mosquito and camping bug zappers are special kinds of bags that can be used to kill mosquitoes and other bugs. These bags contain blacklight insect electrocution devices that proved the best bug-killing system. This will help you to keep your camping site free from mosquitoes.

There you need to consider something important. Researches have shown that these can only kill only 4% of mosquitoes around you, therefore, keep these points in mind before using them. There is another interesting fact that it will not help you to finish them or make their amount less.

But, you can use this technique at the camping place where there are fewer bugs. This can be useful in that place. This may help you to keep safe and free from bugs.

What should you wear to prevent camping mosquito bites?

Guess what, if you wear long sleeve shirts and pants then you will for the most part be yourself safe from these mosquito and other bug bites. So the question becomes what to do wear if you are going camping in the summer?

Wearing long sleeves and pants during the summer will certainly make you very hot and will not only be uncomfortable but may indeed be unbearable. In this case  you may have to consider wearing net clothes. Net cloth has a quality that can be used in summer as well with the long sleeves. Moreover, these are mosquito and bugs resistant.

Clothes that are made from the net are less expensive as well. These are beneficial if you are using them in the areas where there is an increasing number of bugs. There is a reason because when you wear net clothes these help you to keep safe from the harmful bugs that create malaria and other harmful diseases.


Camping Mosquito


7 Best Tips For Preventing Nasty & Deadly Camping Mosquito Bites:


If you enjoy the outdoors and camping then you not avoid reality of confronting bugs especially the dreaded mosquitoes! You will especially need to be more focused on bug bites and mosquito bites if you are going camping in summer. 

Here are some best tips and hacks that will help you stay safe and protected from camping mosquitoes.

1. Stay away from camp locations with standing water:

You know very well bout the fact that how insects love to next on stagnant and bad locations. Here, you’ll know about how standing water and stagnant bodies give shelter to insects. If you are planning to go camping then you need to consider the nearby pond at your location before finalized your location.

If you set your camping around a pond or a place where there is a pond or standing water then be prepared for the attack of camping mosquitoes. Especially at night when you’ll start camp-firing. Make sure to keep these points into consideration before the selection of a camping location.

2. Use a (special) campfire to repel mosquitoes:

If you’re a camper or backpacker then you’re aware of the importance of a campfire. Campfire is not only the source of light but also helps you to keep safe from insects and mosquitoes. Campers set their campfires at the front of the tent.

The campfire is already the best idea to repel the mosquitoes and other insects. Moreover, you can add some leaves which can give off strong citrus that is pretty bad for mosquitoes there is another interesting fact about the campfire. This gives off smoke which is a bad smell for insects. Likewise, it accumulates into your clothes and other items like a hammock.

3. A camping mosquito net:

If you want to be at a place where there are no mosquitoes then you need to choose a camping mosquito net and/or tent for that matter. This will help you to be safe from mosquitoes. This is made of a material that helps you to stay away from the mosquitoes and their bites.

4. Use natural repellents to Control mosquitoes on your campsite:

There may be another best way to keep your campground safe from the mosquitoes. You can use some kind of essential oils and tins to help yourself. They have the best thing that they can burn mosquitoes after the sunlight.

Oils and other tints contain some kind of natural substances that has the power to repel insects and mosquitoes. There is no better way to get rid of them. If you are not able to kill them you can defiantly repel them away from your campground.

5. Use essential oil to repel them:

Some essential oils contain natural elements to kill repel mosquitoes and insects. There are some of the essential oils and camping mosquito candles that are present in the market. You can use peppermint, citronella, lemongrass, thyme, and lavender to repel mosquitoes.

There may be other insect’s repellents which can be helpful to repel the insects like fleas. You can use cedar wood, eucalyptus, and other repellents that can work on mosquitoes on well. You can also use juniper, oregano, and rosewood to repel these blood-sucking insects.

6. Use citronella candles to repel the mosquitoes:

Citronella candles also contain some kind of essential oils that will help you to repel these insects. This is important to know about them. After the sunset when they are used to burn they release these essential and natural substances to repel the insect and mosquitoes. So, don’t forget to take them with you when you are going to your camping site.

Candles do release a smaller amount of them but, once you get one burning, you don’t need to maintain it. You can find them very cheap, or you can try to make one yourself.

7. Use Aloe Vera creams:

Have you ever heard about exotic plants? These plants are very helpful to stay away from insects and camping insects. One of the exotic plants is aloe Vera, which can be used to repel them. Some creams contain aloe Vera gel to repel these mosquitoes.

Although people use Aloe Vera cream in treating insect bites it is worth remembering that these creams may create barriers that protect you from mosquitoes.


We have discussed the several different way you can prevent and ruthless fight back against camping mosquito bites that you are bound to encounter one time or another. Some times it may be easy to just repel bugs and mosquitoes with little effort. Other times you may have to use products that may kill. A combination of both would probably work best.




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