Backpack Camping For Beginners: Best Tips & Hacks

camping for beginners

Backpack Camping For Beginners: Best Tips & Hacks


Are you tired of your routine or want to join growing movement surrounding increased outdoor activity and recreation? This ‘Backpack Camping For Beginners: Best Tips & Hacks’ article is specially written for anyone interested in venturing out to explore the outdoors in safe and fun way.

Whether you are stressed about work, current national or global events like COVID etc you can reduce your stress with the help of some expanded outdoor activities and outings. You already know about camping. Camping helps you to be stress-free for some time. Camping for beginners is an activity to consider because it’s true that you’re tired from your routine but you are afraid of going outside alone. But wait! Here, we are to help you in this regard.

Camping is a difficult outdoor activity to engage in and it does not mean leaving your comfortable bed to go sleep on the grass. But to really enjoy this activity and other activities surrounding it, there are a few points you should consider before going out:

  • Bring plenty of food with you to satisfy your fresh-air-fueled-hunger.
  • To save your money it is the best idea to borrow a camping tent from your friend.
  • Make sure to put suitable and appropriate clothing with you to save yourself from cold and rain.
  • If you want to put an everlasting impression on people after you, always try to use leave no trace policy.
  • It will be the best idea to camp at a place which is nearing to your home or hometown.
  •  If you are looking at that weather forecasting is not good enough to try to postpone your plane because it will affect your enjoyment process.

Why you should consider backpack camping

There are multiple reasons that help you to discover why you should go camping. It is essential to take a break after a lot of hard work. It is also important to spend some time with your family and friends and camping is one of those activities that are always fun and enjoyable to do with closed one. Moreover, it will relieve your stress and provides you a peaceful environment, great memories and a greater appreciation of the simpler things in life that mean the most at the end of the day….hint…hint – family and friends.

Just imagine you are with your family, friends, or special one under the starry sky. That feeling at night will leads you to a place where the world is renewable and you’ll feel the whole universe revolving around you to make you happy and satisfy. There is nothing more important than spending time with loved ones the ones.

Recent and current events have made us all rediscover lots of things and activities we previous ignored, took for granted or never imagined we would even engage in.

Should you go alone for camping?

The answer is simply…..it’s your choice. Yes, you can go camping alone. If its an activity that you would like to explore and your friends or family are not interested, you shouldn’t be held back! Just do your homework and go for it! So yes, absolutely, you can go out alone to find your purpose and happiness doing what you love doing. Just remember to take some points under consideration when you’ll go camping alone.

ALWAYS let people know when and where you are going and keep them posted about your whereabouts at all times. Try camping at a place that is not so far from  home – it will be easy for you to reach out there in an emergency. And make sure to create a list of camping essentials if going out for camping alone.

On the other hand, it would ideally be more fun and enjoyable exploring with family or friends. The more, the merrier! With more people, there is an added sense and layer of security, pooled resources, strengths, experiences and more.


camping for beginners

Backpack Camping For Beginners: Best Tips & Hacks

Camping is a fantastic way to explore this world and an excellent way to relieve out your unnecessary stress.

There are a few tips that will help you with your better camping experience:

1· Purchasing your tent:

You know there are hundreds of types of tents present in the market. So you should make an effort to research and choose one that is best for you. For tent selection, you need to consider your selection criteria. First of all, consider the number of people who will be using the tent to sleep in. That will obviously help you determine what size tent you need.

Secondly, think about other camping gear you will be bring along. You need to have enough space to put them for your safe camping experience. Make sure to purchase a large size tent to sleep well with your gears for camping. If you are anxious about your money you can also borrow a tent from a friend.

2· Choosing your campsite:

Look for campsites that are available at nearest to you. As a beginner, try to find out a place that has maximum facilities that if you forget about something you can buy this. Also, consider some other amenities like proper hygiene, washrooms, and bathing system etc

You can go alone to a campsite at the place which is closer to home. You can also find out if you are allowed to bring pets along which will allow to choose the most suitable camping site. As you gain more experience and acquire more camping gear you can then start to venture out farther from home.

3· Purchasing sleeping bags:

You should also consider buying one or two sleeping bags which usually provide great sleeping comfort for campers. 

It will be best if you purchase a sleeping bag for you to sleep at an optimal temperature. The best sleeping bag is one that will help you to keep safe no matter what temperature or weather outside is.

4· Practice pitching your tent:

Learning and figuring out how to pitch your tent before you leave is crucially for camping for beginners. The simple reason being when you go camping and you even don’t know about how to pitch your tent up and down, this will put you at risk especially if you are going alone. You dont want to be wasting  valuable time figuring things out especially if you are alone in the middle of nowhere. It will be appropriate to practice your tent at your home and resolve any issues which you can face during camping.

5· Practice camping:

After practicing the process of pitching your tent, next you need to practice camping itself. Maybe you cannot find a suitable place for you for practicing this but you can use your backyard to practice this. This will help you to gain some experience with the unknown adventure especially if you’re a beginner. This will also help you to understand the temperature and other required items that you may need for camping.

6· Camping essentials list:

There will be some items that you will require for your better camping experience. Make sure to make a list of your essential items that are needed for camping. For this, you can take help from out camping essential guide. Things like food, fire starters, portable camping stoves, emergency medical kits, etc

7· Selecting a camping site:

This is again an important decision to consider. Make sure to select a place which is debris and dirt free for a campsite. It will also be at the same level as the ground. There should not be any depressions or any uneven ground surface. Make sure to place the back of your tent towards the wind flow it will provide you ultimate stability. Don’t forget to put your pegs at the 45-degree angle.

8· Plan your meals beforehand:

This is probably the most important tip. Make sure to pre-decide your meal plans and food because it will help you to protect you from unnecessary hassle. Make sure to know about the rules of camping to make bonfires or BBQ plans.

Health Benefits of  Camping:


camping for beginners

It would be a missed opportunity not to mention that camping goes far being just being a fun outdoor activity but rather it also brings some health benefits.

Here is a look at a few of them:


This is the greatest advantage of the trip. Being alone ta trips or camping may be of fun but to go out with friends and family create an extra spark in you. Moreover, it increases your social circle. You meet many people and make good relationships with them.

Fresh air:

This is the best benefit that can be taken from the camping ground. Whenever we’re outside of the pollution and dirt, our body feels relax. Moreover, there is enough oxygen to consume. This extra intake of oxygen causes the body and mind free.

Reduced Stress level:

This is also occurring due to the increasing amount of oxygen that can create a healthier impact on your health and well-being. An increasing amount of oxygen body secretes serotonin which nest act as a stress reliever. Moreover, you are with your family and friends their company makes you happy and will eradicate your stress.


When you are at camping sites, you are doing a greater activity than regular. You are involved in a greater amount of physical activity. You are doing hiking, biking, etc. which helps you to be active and fit. It also keeps your body, lungs, and CVS healthy.


You know about the importance of sunlight in our lives. During you work environment you are not able to take enough sunlight. Sunlight provides you with vitamin D, which is crucial for proper growth and development of the bone. Moreover, it keeps you active and healthy and prevents you from infections. Make sure to consider proper timings for a stay under the sun.

Good food:

Whenever we are out we try to eat something unusual. But, during camping, as we are out of the house and away from the restaurants and other food places therefore, we are not able to eat junk food. Camping is best in this regard that you will eat healthy food.

Lack of alarm clocks:

Do you remember the time when you last time slept without an alarm set? You know, people have busy routines, their jobs, and their daily home chores are nor allowing them to sleep well without the buzzers of alarms. But, when you go camping you don’t need to set any alarm. The only alarm that you will have is the sun and birds chirping. How lovely and peaceful is to wake up on your pace without being awakened even when you are not ready to awake.

Unplugging from screens:

Though this may not be entirely possible, camping will still allow you to cut yourself from some of the many screens you have at home – beyond maybe a cellphone and/or kindle device that you may need to bring along. Unplugging from TVs and computers  and focusing on spending more quality time with family and friends around nature is certain to be a memorable experience

Other benefits:

  • Camping provides you a chance to relieve your stress and anxiety. When you are tired from your daily routine or other chores you can set a plan to gout for camping.
  • Camping is the best way to reduce your stress level
  • It is also the best opportunity to be a social person. It helps you to build relationships especially with the people who are strangers to you.
  • It provides you an away to see about the beauty of nature.
  • It helps you to feed your lungs with fresh air. In urban areas, there is no fresh air but whenever you go outside for camping you get a chance to intake fresh air.


We have discussed all the important points that are essential for camping for a beginners though these tips will also come in handy for seasoned campers. If you are under stress and want to go camping but you are hesitant because you are a beginner, then you can read this to clear out your all confusion.

Camping id not as hard as it sounds, you just need to focus on some important crucial points which can help you with a better experience.

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