How To Hang A Hammock For Camping: Best Guide Tips For Beginners

how to hang a hammock

How To Hang A Hammock For Camping: Best Guide Tips For Beginners


The use of hammock is not a new thing to here and learn. Different people throughout history people have used hammocks to keep themselves away from the wet and dirty ground as well as from insects and bugs. So in this article we will discuss some best guide tips on how to hang a hammock for beginners as well as the various types of hammocks available to you. After reading this article you may be able to hang your hammock easily to enjoy and realize how relaxing it can feel floating in the air.

Why people love hammocks:

There may be multiple reasons why people love hammocks. Swiss researchers have known that people like hammock because a hammock helps to synchronize your brain when it moves. This helps you to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. You must know about the fact that if your hammock is not properly hung you cannot sleep comfortably.

How to choose the best hammock:

Where there you find a choice, you can choose things with your preferences. Likewise, when you’re going to choose a hammock. You can select the one which is suitable for you.

There are two different types of hammock categories:

  • Type one is spreader bars that contain wood bars at its either ends to hang it safely and held open.
  • The second type is the traditional type of hammock which has no spreader bars to hang out. Hammock may be made of different kinds of material like polyester, cotton rope, woven fabric, or canvas.

They are made of synthetic material and are mostly water-resistant. Make sure to read the description before buying. And although you can leave your hammock outside in all weather conditions, it may shorten its lifespan.

Finding the perfect spot to hang your hammock:

This is the most important point to consider. Before you hang out your hammock, first find a comfortable place to set it such as a tree, use your room to hang or use a small chair hammock.

You also have to consider the open space to hang the hammock. The recommended hanging distance for a hammock is about 2FT longer that the actual length of a hammock which provides you about 12 – 15 feet of open space for most hammocks.

Where to hang a hammock:

There are multiple spots you can use to hang your hammock. There you’ll find out some of the spots to hang your hammock easily and comfortably. Let’s know about them.

First, you’ll need to decide where you’d like to hang your hammock and that will help decide how you need to hang it. If you are planning to hang your hammock from trees in your yard, you need to ensure that the trees are the proper distance apart. If you are looking for a quick and easy method to hang your hammock, a hammock stand is a way to go.


how to hang a hammock


How To Hang A Hammock For Camping: Best Guide Tips


1. How to Hang a Hammock from a Tree or Pole?

This is the more common method which is used to hang a hammock. If you like to sit under the sky to relax then you need to use this way of hanging hammock. Some people like to sit at the hammock to feel comfortable after the hectic and tiring day. This will also help them to enjoy the natural way.

Sturdy trees are mostly used to connect your hammock. You can also use in-ground posts to hang them. Make sure to use the ways which provide you stability and supports because you’re hanging them to the tree so you need to secure them properly.

Make sure to keep a distance of 17 to 24 inches between your posts and trees. The distance may be longer than this or maybe small. Don’t worry about the distance if they are slightly closer or away from each other.

Make sure to select a hammock which is a bit slack and curved because this will help you to be comfortable at your place. Set your hammock hooks almost 4 to 5 feet up from the ground because this will make it easier for you to slide right into the hammock. Moreover, this will help you to relax at your site.

2. How to hang your hammock with a rope:

Do you think something that is a little rustic and less permanent? You about the use of rope and how can you use this to hand your hammock. This, not a novel way because people in the past have also used this method to set it with ropes.

For this, you need some materials like carabineers, two steel hammock hooks, and ropes. Make sure to select a rope that is long enough to go around each tree or pol that you are using for your hammock to hang. Use all the materials of good quality because it will stay longer and protective.

Let’s discuss how to hang a hammock easily with the help of ropes.

  • First of all wrap the first section of rope around the tree or the pole. Repeat this three times. Make sure to avoid the overlapping of the rope itself. The hanging left and right ends of the rope should be about the same length.
  • Cross over the right part of the rope over the left part. You’ll see there is a loop created, pull the rope through these loops. Now again bring the left part over the right part.
  • Interlace the left end under the and around the right end. Likewise, do this with the right end. And again bring them up through the loop.
  • Now, create the last loop and pull both ends of the rope to tighten up everything.
  • Try to thread both ends with the help of a carabineer. This will create a lock, make sure to thread the lock that is facing you and under the strands of rope.
  • Bring both ends of the rope right above the point where they meet at the carabineer. Loop them around the carabineer and pull them towards each other. Make sure to tighten them.
  • Repeat the process on the other tree or post. Hook an S hook through each carabineer, and place your hammock’s rings onto each S-hook.

3. How to hang a hammock on a stand:

There is another way to hang your hammock. For this, you can use hammock stands. Hammock stands provide you both ease and flexibility. They offer endless possibilities to hang your hammock easily at the place where you want.

The only task you need to do is select a hammock and its stand. Then place than where you want to enjoy around your yard and shades. Hammock stand comes in different sizes and shapes. You can select them according to your need.

Most hammocks kits come with corresponding hanging hardware that you will need to  securely hang your hammock. After setting up the hammock stand then you can hang up your hammock.

You can use this technique with both the spreader and non-spreader bar hammocks because stands are compatible for both types of the hammock. If you are considering using a hammock stand to hang your hammock, double-check the specifications and recommendations of the hammock as well as the hammock stand to ensure a proper match.

4. How to hang your hammock with straps:

There is another known way to set us hammock with the trees. For this, you can use the straps. Tree straps make it such a greatest way to start and enjoy your hammock with the trees with quick ease. Moreover, you can bring them everywhere you are going.

Most strap kits come with straps that contain all the required hardware that you need to hang your hammock. There is an important requirement that should be on the strap kit is S-hooks that are attached to the ends of the straps. There may be an individual strap on each end that will help you to hook the hammock easily.

  • First, you need to unfurl the straps completely unrolled and conventional. Now wrap the strap around the tree or the point where you want to hang the hammock. Make sure to tighten up the strap around the tree and feed the hook end through the loop. Make the correct position to hang the hammock.
  • Make sure to breeze the long hook end of the strap around the tree or pole or bar in the opposite direction through each end. You can wrap the strap multiple times and it depends upon the length of the straps.
  • Now you need to find out the open area where you can hook the remaining ends of the straps. Make sure to let the straps hang down freely.
  • Now, repeat the whole process on the other side of the tree of poll or bar you are using.


So we have gone through the whole of process on how to hang a hammock. We have discussed ways to pick a hammock that best suits you as well as the various ways that can help you to set your hammock. The best way to hang your hammock is to find the best hammock and best hanging method.


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