How To Make Your Own Tent For Camping or Backpacking

make your own tent

How To Make Your Own Tent For Camping or Backpacking

Camping is something that many people love doing and owning your camping tent is the dream for every camper. In this article we are going to discuss some helpful tips and tricks on how you can make your own tent for camping or backpacking. 

First, it is worth stating that setting up your camping tent is not so difficult a task. You simply need to know about some little details and requirements of what you need.

Why it is important to have your own camping tent?

It is important to have your own tent especially if you’re fond of camping, hiking, or backpacking. Every time you are going to go camping you will need a tent. You are either going to use your tent or rent one. So if you are a regular camper it makes sense to own tent. It will not only save money but having your own tent makes it possible for you to make a tent according your own specifications and personal requirements.

Camping tents that are available on the market are come in different colors, shapes and sizes so you know the kind of camping tent that you need you can easily  buy one off the shelf and save yourself the trouble having to make your own.

Is this a good idea to have your own camping tent?

This is a paradoxical condition because some people like to have their own tent and others are not. Campers like to have their own tent because this seems comfortable for them to have their tent. This is because they frequently used to go camping so they need to buy this every time. So, they prefer to have their own tent.

But some people like youngsters like to have a tent which is present in the market. The tent which comes from the market is fully prepared for enjoyable camping. Some of them like to post stories on Instagram, therefore they prefer to have a tent from the market.

Someone else may consider going on romantic camping trip where both of you will set out to build your own tent to sleep in while you engage in other outdoor activities like hiking, sight-seeing, visiting tourist spots. If your love for the outdoors goes beyond an occasional weekend getaway to a camping site and immerse yourself in nature, there’s not much closer to it you can get than by building your own tent.

There are multiple options to make the tent. For example, you can use a tarp, well-spaced strings. And just as an FYI these strings can be helpful to tie your camping hammock as well.


Some Tips For Setting Up Your Own Outdoor Camping Tent:


make your own tent

There are several ways that can help you set up your own tent. Let’s discuss a few of them so you can choose which is best suitable for you:


1. DIY leaf hut:

You can make your customize leaf hut which is so comfortable. This is an ideal tent especially if you are a true lover of nature. This will take you back to have the ultimate experience of nature. This will turn you from a casual camper to a survivor.

Guess how cool and natural it would be when you’re surrounded by the natural leaves. This will provide you natural cushioning and calm as well. The stunning natural material which you take from the woods and able to learn some useful  survival skills.

I know this is a simple idea but believe me, this is an amazing idea to make your camping enjoyable. Here, is the simple idea to build a wooden frame. The frame may be of triangle or square. This depends on the dip or hole you’re using. Moreover, it depends upon interloping branches that are used to make the frame.

It’s only possible to build a leaf hut in a forest or wood. After setting up a frame for the tent you can brushes and/ or leaves which will provide addition cover and protection from the elements thereby ensuring that you have warm, comfortable and dry camping tent.

There is another great idea to consider. You can add bough or leaf beds to the ground. This will help you to protect your internal heat that normally is losing from your body. Your body loses heat when you use the tent floor. This will also a great option if you don’t want to carry around the extra weight of the sleeping mat. This will also help to lower down during backpacking weight especially if you’re going hiking.

The leaf huts are the most classic and identifiable shelters, which are easy to erect. However, try to give your time and make your tent protective from rain and forest wind. You build your tent with the help of a person who has prior experience in leaf tenting.

Make sure to use the right technique for your tent to get a better experience. If you have left greater space between your elements that are using for camping, or the leaves are unpacked this will creates a bad impact. Moreover, your tent will not be waterproof. 

Keep in mind that these leaf huts are not going to provide you full support and protection from rainwater and wind. Camping tents that you buy from the market are properly sealed and packed. Moreover, they are perfect to provide you protection.

However, there is good news to consider and focus on. That you don’t need a certain degree of protection. This may be a great option to prevent unwanted sunlight which can be thrown out from the conventional tents. This can be a luxurious and indulgent option.

2. Bivy bags:

Here, if you are going camping in the winter season then you need to consider bivy bags, these are something which provides you extra protection from the cold and winter weather. This offers more substantial protection than usual tents. 

This tent has multiple advantages. This provides you protection from the winter weather and rain. Moreover, if you like to see the star at night this allows you to do your favorite activity at night. These can be folded up to make them small.

They are easily folded up, lightweight and waterproofing material. When you carry them with you during hiking you barely feel their weight on your back because they are lighter in weight. This will help to go for a longer stretch and walk than with the ordinary bag without tiring much.

There is are also some points like it helps you to give comfort like the ordinary tent when the weather is favorable. Moreover, it provides you waterproofing.

Bivy bags are helpful to protect your internal heat which can be lost due to the tent floor. Maybe you get the threat of rain at your camping ground but if you’re sleeping in the bivy bag you are free to go with it because it provides you complete protection from such rainy weather.

3. DIY tarp tent:

This is a simple but popular method to build your own tent. People usually like tarp tents because they are easy to establish and erect. Especially if you are going camping in the summer season this may be an excellent option consider.

This cannot help you to protect from the sharp weather like rains and heavy sun but this can protect you from the light summer shower. They work correctly to keep you safe.  You can do this by setting up a tarp with stakes in two back corners and then have the front part of the tarp propped with a pole/poles or tree branches. This may be another way to go about making your DIY tent from scratch. 

Maybe you feel some coldness than usual. For this here we have a recommendation for you. You can stay away from the direction of the wind. Just try to sit at the place or direction which is away from the direction of the wind.

There is a reason because this tarp tent keeps you protective from smaller events like a sun shower but it cannot provides you longer protection. There is some alternative, you can find a place to implant your tent which is slightly away from the direction of the wind.

The benefits that you can get from your tarp tent are that it keeps you feel the lighter weight. Imagine if you have a tent on your back which is too heavy especially if you’re going hiking. This will restrict you from the long stretch but this tarp tent can be easily folded up and can easily be carried out.


Here, we have discussed all the important points which are necessary to make your tent from scratch. If you like to go camping, hiking and backpacking then this knowledge and information may come in handy.


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