How To Pack A Backpack For Your Camping Or Hiking Trip

how to pack a backpack

How To Pack A Backpack For Your Camping or Hiking Trip


If you are a camper or backpacker, you should already know something about how to pack a backpack. This may seem simple but trust me it’s not. It is not as easy and handy like to pack a suitcase. For this, you have to know about some basic tips and tricks.

For starters, it is worth stressing how difficult to carry a bag on your shoulders and/or back during on a camping trip. Some of the backpackers fill their backpacks with unnecessary items and make a big cluster of them. But when it’s time to put the necessary items they are running short in space.

Let me tell you if you packed a backpack efficiently, you can put multiple gears in it because it a kind of swallow that can consume your all items easily. I know you may be concerned about whether there are any special trick and hacks to effectively pack a backpack. But in this article we will give you some tips and advice on to how to pack a backpack for your backpacking trip.

There’s no one right way to pack. Layout all your equipment at home and try out different loading routines until you’ve found what works best for you.

One proven way of making sure you don’t forget anything is by using a camping essentials checklist that lists everything that you will need for the trip.


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What are the different pockets on your backpack?


how to pack a backpack for wild camping


The market has piled up with multiple brands of hiking and camping backpacks. They may come in different shapes and sizes with different colors. The best thing regarding them is that you can choose that you want according to your need.

If we talk about the modern backpack they have almost had a common trait. The best thing is that they can help you to put your multiple gears within the single one. Not only do the extra pockets and sleeves on your backpack help with storage of extra small items, they also help in evenly distributing the weight. 

The Front Pouch:

Sometimes, you need quick access to put some time or to get out something. Some back does not provide this facility but if you know about the backpack it has access in the front pouch. This can be used to put things easily and quickly.

This is also known as a kangaroo pouch because is stretchable and accessible to put anything. Some of the backpacks have a zipper but some have to zipper front pouch. You can consider this as a designated jacket pocket. You should do your best to not store  any heavy stuff in the front pouch as that will certainly impact your center of gravity.

The Backpack’s Brain:

There is an appropriate part named “brain”. This is the uppermost zippered pocket that overlaps the top of maximum packs. This is your grasp and goes center when you’re on the trail. It’s perfect for storing compressed, and occasionally used items like snacks, navigation tools, and headlamps.

You’ll find its best use if you use it correctly and you’ll not only shave time off of your pit stops, you’ll also avoid yard-selling every time you need to grab the trail mix.

Water Bottle Pockets

This is the most crucial and important pocket that every backpack should have. These are two pockets that are present on the bottom of both sides. This makes it easy for you to get your water easily and quickly.

The Hip Belt Pocket:

This is an amazing hook-like pocket that your backpack has. You can put your small items like lipstick or snacks or something else. The most important thing to know is that you don’t need to put your backpack off to access this pocket.

Backpack Capacity:

This is exceptional to know about the capacity of your hiking backpack. This crucial to know because if you have an idea about your backpack capacity you can easily put your item in it. There is another thing which needs to know is to find out the fact that how many items you want to carry with you.

To solve this riddle first create a list with unnecessary weight gain material or the materials which are lighter but are worth taking with you. This will make it easy for you to set your all gears in the backpack according to your need and the backpack size.

Put your necessary items with you and avoid all the other unimportant things away because these are there to increase weight at your back. Upgrade your heavier object with the lighter one. Make sure to find out the days for your backpack journey.

If you’re going on a trip which is of shorter duration you need to understand to put mall amount of gears. But if you’re going on a long journey you’ll need to add your clothes and other items.

Weight Distribution on Backpack:

These are again important points to know about. If you want ease and convenience then you need to distribute your backpack promptly. Here, we’ll discuss some important points that are handy to use and provides you comfort and stability. Don’t try to put your gears randomly in your backpack, but use these guidelines:

· Internal Frame Backpack:

Internal frame backpacks have become the standard backpacking type. With this type of backpacking, you need to put the trail items high at your shoulder blades. These items are heavyweight therefore need to be high during your trailing and hiking.

When you do this, the obvious weight is placed on the hips, which hold the weight of the backpacks. If you are on the rough terrain while off the trail you need to put the slight off the shoulder because this will lower your center of gravity and keep you stabilized.

· External Frame Backpack:

These backpacks are also used but are less common than the internal frame backpacks. They are mostly suitable for trail hiking only. There is also some rule to distribute the weight on them. You need to put the heaviest weight items on the top and to the center of gravity because these will help you to lower the center of gravity and keeps you stabilized.

Backpack Organization:

It is always a good idea to arrange your stuff in an easy way or format that you can easily remember. Color coding items may also help.


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How To Pack A Backpack: Some Backpacking Tips: 


how to pack a backpack

There you’ll know about the important tips on how to pack a backpack that you need to know as you prepare for your trip:

  • Make sure to distribute the weight evenly on both the left and right sides.
  • Make sure to use your compression straps to grab them evenly and tight them evenly to set the weight and gravity equally.
  • You need to know about the even distribution of the weight. If you are on rough terrain then you need to put your heavier items slightly lower because these will help you to put keep your posture correct. Moreover, it will also lower the center of gravity and stabilize you.
  • If you are going hiking with a group you can easily divide your weight, load, and items between all of you. This will help you to lower your weight and you’ll also feel lighter and less tired.
  • This is an important point to consider. Place the most useful items like handheld GPS navigation devices, maps, water bottles, sunscreen, and camera at the place where they can be easily accessed. You can put them in the side pockets or top pockets.
  • Put your heavier items at your shoulder level to make the gravity-assisted.
  • Cooking metal pots may come in handy when placed around delicate items for to provide shielding.
  • Make sure to seal all the liquid materials. Use waterproofed material as much as you can.
  • Make sure to pack your fuel above your food bottle.
  • Packing related items in particular bags may help speed up packing and unpacking as well as easily find items you need without having to go through every bag. Super organized people put each category of items like first aid, and kitchen in different colored bags to make them easy to spot. Do not overfill bags. Allow room for easier closure and opening of bags.

Attaching Gear Externally:

Some of you find it difficult to put all the items inside the backpack. For these people here are some additional tips that can be used to attach your gear externally. Maybe you have all the necessary items but the backpack has no enough space to put them all.

This will be slightly uncomfortable and create instability for you to lash the items outside. This will also cause to affect your balance and may also thump, jangle, or difficulty plants on the trail. It is important that you try to balance the weight in bags for stability especially during transport on possibly very rugged terrain.

There may be some bulky items like camping tents and sleeping bags, you can put them in the upper part of the backpack. You can also set them in the lower part. Make sure to remember, if you plan to do on-trail hiking, keep items with the most weight higher.


We have discussed some important tricks and hacks on how to pack a backpack that we hope will help you as you prepare for your camping or hiking trip. It will be easy for you to understand the concept in a better way. This will also help you to pack your all gear in a greater context.

Moreover, you can also set your balance according to the given instructions. If your body is stable during terrain trail hiking, you are independent to go everywhere without fear.



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