Road Bike vs Hybrid: Which Should You Buy For Outdoor Cycling?

road bike vs hybrid

Road Bike vs Hybrid: Which Should You Buy For Outdoor Cycling?


Are you an avid cyclist torn between buying a road bike vs hybrid? This article breaks down the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision

Indoor cycling and using a cycling machine can be great exercise but it is nothing compared to riding outdoors. When you move to the outdoors there are also plenty more options for what kind of bike you buy. Road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bikes are the main categories that you want to choose from. Unless you are spending all of your time out on rough terrain in the mountains, a mountain bike is probably not right for you.

With mountain bikes ruled out for most outdoor cyclists, that leaves us with two different options: the road bike vs hybrid bike. We are going to take a look at these two options and compare them to each other to help you determine which one is right for you.

Who needs a hybrid bike?


road bike vs hybrid


A hybrid bike is an interesting design. It is one that is meant to be a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike. The tires are thicker than a road bike’s but often smaller than a mountain bike’s. Most people notice the increased width first when comparing them to a road bike. They are also heavier than road bikes. The handles on most hybrid bikes come with mountain bike grips as opposed to the unique design known to road bike users.

The position for riding on a hybrid bike is one that keeps you upright and one that many people find more comfortable when they are just getting into bicycling.

A hybrid bike is capable of handling a wide variety of surfaces and can easily tackle the roadways. They can go over gravel and dirt paths. You can also use them to do off-roading. Despite being able to handle off-roading, hybrid bikes are typically not used for rough terrain or long off-road rides.

With the size of hybrid bikes they tend to be a heavier design than road bikes but they are not quite as heavy as mountain bikes. In most cases the frames aren’t as big as a mountain bike and there is not as complex of a suspension system. They do have a more complex gear system that allows for you to handle hills easier.

Most hybrid bikes have the ability to easily add ways to store cargo. Their larger size makes adding saddlebags more practical. One should still consider whether they need to add storage though because adding saddle bags to the side of your bike will still reduce the aerodynamic nature of a hybrid bike.

Who needs a road bike?


road bike vs hybrid


Road bikes are those that feature a slim and lightweight design. These bikes have tires that are small and designed to work on the paved roadways that most of us travel everyday. They can also be used on other types of man made roads. A small frame and the design of road bikes makes them perfect for a streamlined riding position, one that is aerodynamic and does not hinder the speed you can achieve on a bike.

Riders often search out road bikes because they are looking for a fast commute. Everything about them screams speed. When you need to go up stairs or otherwise pick up your bike on your commute it is made very easy by the lightweight nature of road bikes.

Tires on a road bike are much smaller and streamlined than those of other bikes. The tires do not have as much heft to them, making them more susceptible to damage when the roadway isn’t smooth. Potholes, kerbs, and debris can easily damage a tire. Flat tires are not limited to road bike and a spare tire and pump are something that riders should have available.

Something to consider when it comes to road bikes is that they are often not designed to bring cargo with them. You will have to carry anything that you want to bring with you in a backpack or a messenger bag. In some cases you can attach storage methods to road bikes but the smaller size and streamlined nature will suffer from the addition of items to the bike.

Road Bike vs Hybrid Bike: Which Bike Should You Buy?

Most people who want to buy a bike ask which type of bike they should buy. When it comes to road bike vs hybrid bike the decision can be a little difficult. The answer isn’t straightforward. There is a bike that is appropriate for every user. Let’s take a look at when it is appropriate to buy a road bike vs hybrid bike.

Is a Hybrid Bike Right For Me?

Hybrid bikes are the best of both mountain bikes and road bikes combined. That doesn’t mean that it should be the go to option. A hybrid bike is great for those who want to use the same bike to commute and ride off-road. They can also be great for those who don’t have man made or flat roads in their commute.

A hybrid bike is also typically thought to be more comfortable than a road bike. Most people aren’t used to riding in anything but the upright position that a hybrid bike utilizes.

If you have to carry a lot of cargo when you are out on your bike a hybrid bike might be the better option for you. They are designed to be easier to attach things to.

Here are some people that a hybrid bike might be right for:

  • Mixed Terrain Commutes
  • Off-road Weekenders/Commuters During the Week
  • Casual Riders
  • Those With More Cargo

Is A Road Bike Right For Me?

A road bike is the best option for people who are looking to cycle on mostly-even man made roadways. It is also perfect for most commutes. Commuters will find the ride much easier with a road bike that can achieve speeds and get them where they are going. Loading them on and off a bike rack is also much easier with the lightweight design.

It is important for a person to take the time to learn to get used to a road bike. The riding position is a more serious inclined position that helps to move faster and work with the bike. That position is one that most people aren’t used to and can feel uncomfortable at first.

In a simpler way, a road bike is right for:

  • Commuters
  • City Dwellers
  • Bike Track Riders
  • Those Who Carry Less

Most bike shops will let you hop on bikes not only to find which one is right for you. Before making a decision it is a great idea to go down to your local bike shop and talk with a specialist there. Even if you don’t end up buying through them or buying right away, the experience you will get will help to prepare you for making a decision.

Final Take:

We hope that this guide has helped you along the path to making a decision. There is a lot to take in and we recommend getting as much information as you can before making a decision. Taking time to think it through can help to ensure you make the right choice. Let us know the decision you made in the comments down below.


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